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Piracy began in the earlys 00's when Jace Mastel (guitars left), John Shippey (guitars right), Sky Willie (Drums), and Jaymz Harmon (bass) would ditch class to grab beers and jam in Sky's cramped garage in Venice Beach, California. Born of the skate punk culture and the pounding surf of Venice Breakwater, Piracy came up with their instru-metal sound, because they didn't really think about singing - their music said it all.  The little garage was exploding with massive decibles. After countless noise complaints, visits from the cops, and confiscation threats, Piracy decided to take the music from the garage to the stage.  

Since then, Piracy has added the spectacular bassist, Kirk Inzunza, and graced the stages of such hallowed venues as The Rainbow, The Knitting Factory, The Whisky A-Go-Go, The Viper Room, Temple Bar, The Air Conditioned Lounge, The Joint, Cafe Nela, TRiP, The Good Hurt, The Del Monte Speakeasy @ The Townhouse, The Sidewalk Cafe and Danny's among many others.


Besides rock clubs, Piracy often performs at backyard drinking fests, make-shift boardwalk stages, tiny pizza parlors, and geniune art galleries. In fact, it has been said that they prefer these types of shows to be closer with friends and fans.

Sky, Kirk, Jace and John are re-imagining what contemporary rock music is all about. Their instrumental, epic sound is unique, though some fans have noted influences from Sabbath, early Metallica and Maiden, King Crimson, and other pioneers of guitar-driven rock.

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